Well, Hello….socks 1′

The easiest socks to wear are black or dull colored knee high socks. For a first timer I would suggest a run with them, just for a feel.

They are more like boots (although more classy than boots if you ask me) and given that they are black you can simply pair them up with just about anything…


The shorts and round toe heels

6a00e54ed9ed5388330153930c3a85970b-400wiThe long boots, the pantyhose all in one


A little floral dress and leather flat shoes


The A-Line dress and short bootsgrungey-hispter-look

The comfy style


Anything short works…


The pointed heels


The strappy heels


And the sneakers too

Basic rule, Go short, long outfits and socks are a faux pas although there are ways to wear them with pants, I will be posting on that soon.

Socks pundits I will be posting on the real socks style.

Till then have a go dearies!!!


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