Yes….Floral shirts!

So today I looked in my closet and suddenly felt inspired by my floral shirt that I am always careful to wear. I mean you know those things that are either too beautiful or just too ugly for anyone to even fathom. I like those kind of things, middle ground has never been my place.

Check out how you can style a floral shirt!


Go all vintage.                                                                                                                   Oh my! Don’t I just love this look.

8e9a70ce35c0f4f2d7aea31275d49f29 Gingham Style

This is not a look  for the faint-hearted.                                                                              Pair it up with a print – gingham, stripes, floral but be careful….you do not want to look ridiculous, as I said you have to have guts to try this look but know when it pays off, it really pays off.


See that floral on floral, Ensure that both florals are not too heavy because then it becomes too much.

Cara Santana looks fashionable in floral at Nylon Magazine's Event - Part 2

Floral on print floral. That is what I call a bold move. This is what I mean by paying off!


The Denim! Hmmmm Of course if those booty shorts work for you, go for it. Denim can go with just about any floral print.


See what I mean…


You can never go wrong with white, never!


Match y march y. A safe option                                                                                        I am not the biggest fan of match y stuff but this works for one who is not sure of how to work the print.


Floral on Black….                                                                                                          You can always pair it with a dark plain color….you know the browns the blacks, the navys, or the neutrals

See its not that difficult……I hope you will not steer away from the floral vintage section next time you are out shopping for your wardrobe.


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