Tawdry print……but does it have to be!

 We get animal print so wrong on so many levels.

        Hot-or-Hmm-Gwen-Stefani-Blumarine-Leopard-Print-Suit-Pigalle-Christian-Louboutin1 rs_634x1024-130825170731-634.katy.cm.82513 Mandira-Bedi Kylie+Minogue+Kylie+Minogue+London+Palladium+eq5ZHFl8Xgml

Ugh! Total eyesore!

…..but I believe that there are ways not to look like a cheap hooker in print.

                    article-0-19552985000005DC-787_634x823riri-n-loubiton Victoria-Beckham-Simple-Shopper-Seen-On-Victoria-Beckham

1. Minimize the print big time. You can never go wrong when you wear print as an accessory.

rihanna 1ac17af6d69997e391730e7887e50521

 2. Hide the print in something sheer

an161 4d833d73e0a8a142a3601d0189d3c645 leopard-print-mine-blouse-maxi-sheer-sheinside-skirt-red-glaze-heels_400

3. Shift the focus elsewhere by pairing up with some color that pops.

8924565b4b248c36881d1431e6b94d12 29433-rachel-sabe-muito-bem-usar-as-estampas-637x0-3ea999f910975eb57cba7d5d7be431f36

asos-animal-print-dress black-zebra-print-cocktail-dress

4. Pronounce it but don’t over-do it.


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