Perquisites of being black!

One thing we can’t argue about is the African hair. There are a million things we can subject our hair to without loosing it or looking weird.

That full, kinky, strong hair is nothing but a blessing

drphoenixnaturalhair Best-Short-Haircuts-for-Black-Women_9 hairstyles-for-medium-to-short-hair-hotd-natural-heatless-yoohair-short-natural-hair-styles

What other type of hair can accommodate such creativity?

natural-hair-conference 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals african-hair-braiding-styles18

You have to be black to pull some styles!

0e61c1e559bd9b3d0f9e253417f267cb  Short-Braid-styles-2014 Crystal-square1

If you have Caucasian hair please leave braiding and locks for your darker counterparts

dreadlocks-updo-for-wedding Zendaya-Hair-Changes-Extensions African-Hair-Braiding-Box-Braids

Did I say blacks can get away with anything when it comes to hair. Yeah we can even pull white people hair…Thank you hair factory!

 c0ffa3a3b909cee9bd6f5ee8487e6c44 50a2c8f87d027-sabrina-aman-1 wonderful-waterfall-low-chignon-with-double-braid

   Short, Colored… the list is endless

Best-Natural-Punk-Short-Hairstyles-for-Black natural-hairstyles-for-black-women-with-short-hair-with-color Charming-Copper-Colored-Hairstyle

Let’s give nature credit where it’s due


2 thoughts on “Perquisites of being black!

  1. i can’t deny that african hair is awesome but it can be cumbersome especially if you are ill equiped to deal with it.. oh and patience is of importance coz those you tube videos can be somehow misleading. but thanks for highlighting the perks of our kinky mane.

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