The last time I Pantyhose my outfit!

Now I wore this to the office about two months ago (photo 1) …took a photo and instagrammed it and my kid brother could not hold is comments (like always), he was like a girl wearing stockings is a totally confused person because it’s like she decided to be hot then decided against it a minute later….not pretty at all……. and it got me thinking, pantyhose! are they as sexy as we think.

(Pardon the quality of my photo, took it with a phone, but I am working hard to acquire the Canon EOS 700D…who am I kidding, I’ll probably have to sell my brother to get that…)

Look at the subsequent photos and judge for yourself!

wp_ss_20150410_0001[1] WP_20150119_006

1. I can not bring myself to wear this again.

(…but just in case I will be posting a photo of my brother soon in the case any o’ you is interested in helping a sister out!)

blackpencilskirt index 18

2. These 3 outfits support the point I am trying to make.

ljv4yevno1ku9dpgyxmb 827c2c748c878ff2326d364f9e821d46

 3. Now these three kinda contradict my point…pretty stuff huh!

But we all have to agree that the darker the pantyhose the worse it is and the longer your outfit the weirder you look.


4 thoughts on “The last time I Pantyhose my outfit!

  1. speaking as a guy,i love a nice pair of legs in hose,just my opinion,always thought they made a womans legs look better,and sexier to,but then i grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when ladies and girls wore them all the time

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